Tummy Gummies

Send orders to:  michele@beyondglutenfree.ca and pick up from my home in Ottawa, near Main St.


Tummy Gummies are for you if your gut needs healing and …….

  • You don’t have time to make broth
  • Your kids won’t eat/drink your broth
  • You’re on the go, but healing your gut is still top priority

No problem.

You can still get a lot of the benefits of broth in my brand new Tummy Gummies (made with grass-fed, top quality gelatin)!

Now don’t get me wrong, I still think you should be having bone broth every day. But what if you can’t?

Tummy Gummies are a fantastic source of protein. You may be thinking they look really sweet, but actually they are not. And you may think they are a kids treat. But they are not (however my kids LOVE them!).

They will actually help curb sugar cravings!

They are for anyone who needs easily digestible nourishment while directly enhancing gut repair.  Need more reasons to eat more collagen and gelatin?  Here’s a great article by Mark Sisson that summarizes 10 reasons.

Pick up your Tummy Gummies in central Ottawa, near Main St


*NEW* Caterpillar Gummies                                                                   2 for $5 img_2842


1.  Mixed Berry

Ingr:  Berries (blueberry, strawberry or raspberry), fresh lime or lemon juice, grass-fed gelatin, organic maple syrup

2.  Organic Creamy Chocolate 

Ingr: Coconut milk, cocoa powder, gelatin, vanilla (all organic)


Send orders to:  michele@beyondglutenfree.ca