How To Breeze Through The Holidays

Want to get through the holidays without the flu?  Or without a tummy ache?  Without an extra 10 lbs?  Here’s what I do.

5 Tips to breeze through the holidays


1.  Drink 3L water every day.  Yes I count herbal infusions as they are even more nourishing.  Not sure what a herbal infusion is?  Contact me for your own Herbal Wisdom 101 course (in Ottawa only).


2.  Do not get glutened, not even once.  No snacking, tasting or dipping into anything you aren’t absolutely positive is safe.


3.  Eat before  you go to a party.  Yes, just eat a regular healthy meal before you go.  This way you can eat lightly at the party without overindulging because you’re starving or drinking too fast on an empty stomach.  Arriving at a party already partly satiated has allowed me to demonstrate an impressive amount of self-discipline at the cheese table.  Try it before you knock it, this really works.


4.  Keep exercising.  Even though your daily schedule is slowly changing as the month progresses, don’t let your physical routines go the wayside.  Your body needs to move.  Many levels of health are affected by increased blood flow and building muscle.   KEEP EXERCISING.


5.  Sleep more.  Staying out late?  Schedule in a longer sleep.  Make a nap possible.  Getting emotionally worn out?  Sleep more.  It’s simple and easy to do: just sleep.

Can’t stay asleep through the night?  Consider taking a magnesium supplement before you hit the pillow.  At the Personalized Health Center we can tell you which magnesium is right for you.

When it’s all about the gut

Freedom with gut health
That moment when you realize it’s all about your gut.

Your small, annoying symptoms have transformed into more serious problems.

And one day, you just know.  Nothing will change until you heal your gut.  It may or may not be the single cause of your issues.  It may or may not be the one and only solution required for permanent relief.

But one thing IS certain:  

Tired of coconut oil?

You’re tired of everything tasting like coconut oil.  You know it’s an excellent choice for good health, yet it is getting hard to mask the taste so everyone in the family can enjoy the meal.  There are many people with Coconut Radar, and that is tricky to handle because coconut is everywhere.



Reminder on benefits of Coconut Oil:

Being a medium chain saturated fat, it is an easily digested source of energy. Coconut oil is high in lauric acid (also found in mother’s milk) that is antibacterial, antiviral and has antioxidant properties.  It is a stable fat when heated making it an excellent choice for most cooking.

EXCEPT….. there is a fine detail I want to share with you!  When choosing a fat to heat, you need to understand that each fat has a different smoke point.

The smoke point is the temperature at which

Repairing a Leaky Gut

Repairing a leaky gut is about more than food choices.  Listen here, or read below.


Leaky gut is another name for Intestinal Permeability.  

Both these terms mean that the intestinal lining is allowing partially undigested proteins to pass through into the bloodstream.

Slow down, you eat too fast!

Hey, Slow down!  Yes you.  You eat too fast.  You push it in there when you’re not sitting down.  You eat half your meal at the counter.  Your body is not ready for that food!

And this puts your body into stress mode.  

img_digestion frog


When you eat like this, your brain doesn’t send the signal to the rest of your body that food is on the way, so your saliva doesn’t get activated and won’t have a chance to start breaking down the food (which is an important firsts step to the whole digestive process, as you are about to read).

Top 7 Ways Sleep Matters

img_sleep clock

Do you know what’s enough sleep for you?

Are there days when sleep is optional?

And this – have you ever felt worthy of some badge of honour from so little sleep, that you brag about it to your friends?  What’s up with that!?

I’ve been focusing on my sleep for several years now, and I can attest to the claims that sleep affects everything in my day – and if you don’t think so, keep reading.

My personal sleep experiment is by no means scientifically proven, though there are many studies on how sleep affects:

  • mental clarity
  • overall energy
  • immune function
  • stress tolerance
  • metabolic function (including insulin resistance)

What I learned on GAPS Diet this time

I followed the GAPS Intro diet for 1 week this January.  It taught me more than I expected.  To learn the details about this superb gut-healing diet, it is on this website.

If you’re part of the Glorious Gut Facebook Group, then you probably already read about my experience.  That’s where I posted exactly what I was eating for the first few days…. which was a lot of bone broth!    I won’t repeat my daily diet for this post, but you’ll see when you read about the intro diet that it is mostly slow cooked meat and slow cooked vegetables in bone broth.  Because there was plenty of protein, I was not hungry.  But I WAS hungry for glucose.  Oh yes!

What I learned: Glucogen is my