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I am Michele Schubert and what I do is show you, step-by-step, how to heal your gut (your digestive system) by nourishing yourself with real food. It’s not as easy as cutting out gluten, which I discovered many years ago!

My Beyond Gluten Free programs are designed to give you as much hands on help as you need. Contact me to learn which program is best for you.  My programs range in price from $297 to $897.  There is something for everyone!

*** My services are covered with most health insurance coverage under the umbrella of Naturopath. ***

Why I started Beyond Gluten Free…

I discovered my love for helping others as a result of my friends and family coming to me for support and advice. You could say I was their go-to-gal for the gluten free kind of ‘gab’.

Out of their biggest question- “how do you have the time to do it all?”, I conceived and gave birth to my hands- on Beyond Gluten Free Retreat Program (where I roll up my sleeves and get in the kitchen with you!)

Not only did I enjoy showing my friends and family (hands on) how effortless it really is, but in the process  I discovered my love for mentoring other women on the journey.

There is nothing I love more than to take nutrition knowledge and turn it into practical kitchen wisdom.

And you can rest assure that I take pride in keeping things simple… showing you how to create easy, delicious meals that nourish the soul and heal your body.

How I started on this path and practice….

My journey with the healing power of food all started 20 years ago.  I had struggled with way too many symptoms for far too long.  When I was finally sick and tired of feeling unwell, I quit my teaching career to look for answers, and discovered that my diet truly was the ticket to having optimal health.

First I began by exploring the standard gluten-free diet and in a short time I felt much better….but I was confused because it wasn’t long before many of my symptoms returned.

I struggled to find the answers…

It wasn’t until I discovered deep nourishment with real food and the magic of traditional food prep that my gut finally started to heal.

In the process of cutting out processed gluten free food and incorporating ancient wisdom in my kitchen, I went through a lot of my own growing.

It certainly wasn’t always easy.

The hardest part was letting go of worrying about what my husband, mother, sister were going to think or feel about it!

But it wasn’t just me that I had to think about…

My kids had been showing symptoms of gluten intolerance too… and I had to find a way to take their nutrition requirements and preferences into account as well.

Ultimately, I chose to stand firmly in my decision to do what I knew I had to, to truly take care of myself (and my kids) – independent of what others would think or say – because deep in my gut, I knew that our health was what mattered the most.

From experience, I can tell you with confidence that the results that you can create for your whole family are well worth the initial discomfort.

Our family hasn’t looked back since and we continue to thrive on deep nourishment with real food.

But before discovering healing foods and true health, I dabbled in a few other things…

IMG_9095You might be surprised to learn that I have years of teaching experience behind me (once upon a time I taught the wonders of math in my first career as a high school teacher!).

After giving up teaching to study holistic nutrition, I not only became a yoga instructor, but I studied yogic diet philosophy and immersed myself in herbal medicine and kitchen witchery….and that’s when I completely fell in love with the green world and it’s incredible bounty.

As unconventional as I am, my conventional education has come in handy….

With those many years of teaching and a Bachelor of Science behind me, I have an insatiable desire to teach, learn and research as much as I can get my hands on in the field of healing the gut with food and nutrition.

Having long ago hung up the white lab coat, these days you are more likely to find me slipping into an apron in the kitchen and combining my love for both the art and science of food – formulating recipes and artfully creating delicious and nutrient dense foods the whole family will enjoy!

And somewhere in between all of that, I certified as a Doula, Reiki Master, and most importantly became the mother of 2 marvelous children who inspire it all!

Nothing excites me more than showing you how simple it is to eat well and feel well.

If you are ready to feel a difference in your life – so that you can keep doing all the things you love with energy to finish – then I can show you why your diet is a perfect place to start and more importantly, I will show you how!

Here’s what you can do next to get your feet planted firmly on the path….

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