I provide Holistic Nutrition Coaching for optimal gut health .

My advice is often based on eating a Paleo or GAPS Diet for healing the body.


I am a Certified Gluten Practitioner (CGP), as taught by Dr. Tom O’Bryan.

My Beyond Gluten Free programs are designed to give you as much hands on help as you need. Contact me to learn which program is best for you.  My programs range in price from $349 to $897.  There is something for everyone!


I can help you restore your gut health with simple, cost efficient ideas that will improve your overall vitality!

You are in the right place if….

√  Your digestion is a constant struggle and you’d like to eliminate the symptoms for good

√ You’re not making good food choices (and tired of always thinking about it).

√ You don’t have the time to figure out a whole new diet and you’d gladly get help if you knew you’d be in good hands

Oh yes, that would be nice!


We are perfect for each other if you want to….

– know exactly what to eat to heal your gut, nourish your body and finally lick that sugar habit (and other pesky food addictions)

– be able to eat a wide variety of foods again (being sensitive to more and more foods doesn’t seem right to you)

– nourish yourself and your family in a way that leaves you feeling good with time to spare (you don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen to eat a healing diet)

Ready to join me to take the guesswork out of healthy gluten free living?

Here is how you can get started….

  1. Sign up for this free gift to get mentally and emotionally prepared to do it
  2. Apply for a *complementary* session to chat with me about taking your next steps!
  3. Join me at this Facebook Group to find a community of other people who are also looking to improve their gut health!


img_0839Coaching Programs

Interested in revamping your diet, your health and your life?  This is what I love, and I would love to hear from you.

Learn more about my health journey here, and discover a coaching program that will work for you.  I have 3 levels of coaching services to serve the most people possible.  There is something for everyone!